Dragonfly nymph saved the day.

Sunday was a lovely warm October day so I made a trip to my local lakes. On arrival I sat and observed the water. There was no evidence of any rising fish although there was a good hatch of dragonflies taking place. Luckily I had recently tied a few nymphs (like the one in the photo) so a good time to put them to the test. After a few cast along the reeded margins everything tightened as this cracking rainbow trout grabbed the nymph. Like the real nymphs these are big flies about 40mm long. I also tie them in green.



Another fly fisherman in the making

I took my neighbour (Romain) for a lesson today. Sometimes from the off, you get a feeling about a person and then you have to wait to see what happens next?

Romain was a complete novice to any type angling. Then after the 3 hour lesson, he turned it all around to someone (I feel) able to take himself off fly fishing with a basic understanding of the tackle, the over head and roll cast, knot tying and what ever I could throw at him in this short space of time.

Mastering the cast.


Dry fly action

Cracking Sunday morning, surface action on dry Daddies. Nothing happened at for the first 2 hours and was running out of clues to which fly to try next. I assumed as fish were not rising they must be deep and fished away with sunk flies. Sitting having a coffee and a think about leaving, a fish rose, then another. The water suddenly came alive although no visible hatch was going on. Looking through my box of dry flies I chose a big bushy Daddy. First cast. Wallop! A nice rainbow. Then 2 more and finished with a cracking brownie.  Lesson learnt. Don’t keep flogging the water just sit, wait and watch.

The take


The prize


Kind Client feedback from a fly fishing improver

I met Howie on the Adur for the first time today. I am somewhat of a novice and Howie’s instruction and demonstration was first rate, very patient and lots of encouragement. Amazing what you can pack into three hours, time flew by and finished with time on the Adur Bass hunting. I definitely walked away a more competent caster than I arrived and look forward to putting everything in to practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Howie to anyone who needs instruction.
Wow!  Thanks allot Adrian.
Tight Lines   Howie