Fly-Fishing Questions

Q: Do fisherman need a rod license or permit at your location?

A: NO, everyone may fish freely on the coast and in brackish (salt/fresh) estuary water, although we should all respect notices of no-fishing, private property, fenced off areas, or danger signs.

Q: Should I decide to take a lesson,do I need to bring tackle and waders and so forth?

A: I provide all equipment for the lessons, but please bring your own if you want to plus wellies/waders, eye protection/sunglasses, and suitable clothing for the weather

Q: what can a novice expect to accomplish on their first fly-fishing lesson

A: apart from learning about flies, choosing and setting up a balanced outfit, you will get to learn the overhead and roll-cast (initially on the green). There are opportunities to take exercises which you can reproduce and practice in your own time to improve your technique or overcome your difficulties.
Moving onto the river you will learn how to present the fly, strike and play a fish and start to put all your new skills into practice. Last but not least, how to fish safely

Q: Does one have to be Scottish to become a fly fisherman?

A: No, but it doesnae harm ye 🙂

Q:  I have no fishing experience at all. Is this a problem?

A: Absolutely not. In fact it can be be an asset really

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