Mullet go mad for a red bead Diawl Bach

Last night I took advantage of the warm evening and rising tide last on the Adur and landed 2 lovely Thin Lip Mullet Mullet on a Red Bead Diawl Bach fly. Unfortunately when landing the second fish the rod tip snapped so I had to go home otherwise it could have been a bonanza night as the fish were taking the fly quite confidently. Hopefully I can buy a new rod tip? Anyway check out the the fish and magic fly pics. Tight lines Howie

Mullet in June 2014 004Mullet in June 2014 007Red Bead Diawl Bach

Thank you Goa

Just got back from India,well Goa actually. This trip I discovered a lovely estuary at the mouth of the river Talapona to the south of the state. After trying with a fly for some time with out a nip or a follow I noticed some action on the opposite bank. Bait fish were busting the surface all over the place. The action was out of reach with my fly and was all going on under the overhanging trees. Luckily I had my spinning rod and a few shad lures and asked a nearby boat man to take me across for a few ruppees. I scrambled over the rocks until I reached the the spot where I saw the action. The first cast I was hit when just as I was lifted the lure to the surface. After a heck of a scrap I landed a black 2lb snapper. After a few more casts I was hit again. This time it was a red snapper same size. Then a smaller fish but none the less feisty. A few more cast and I was fighting again with a good fish which alas I never saw which ran my line around a rock got away. 

This was one didn’t and went down nicely just plain pan fried with cold Kingfisher beer.



Greyling fishing at Wherwell fishery

This week me and a couple of old fly fishing buddies had a day on the upper Test and carriers on the Wherwell estate. This is a lovely trout and greyling fishery with gin clear water and stuffed with fish. This is now greyling season and costs £40 per rod per day. In spite of the windy conditions we all had a great day and caught fish. I took (and lost) all my fish on an own tied and weighted shrimp pattern with a pink collar (see photo). Here is the link for browsing or booking. Tight lines Howie 


Carp On the fly Jenny’s Lake

Another day out with the Fly Dressers Guild (Sussex Branch) This time at Jenny’s lake, Newdigate. It was a fine day and most anglers seemed to kick off the day with a fish almost straight away. Then the carp seemed to wise up to our biscuit flies and things went quiet until after lunch when they came on the feed again. I had to leave at 4.30 but managed 5 fish for the day and glad to say the 2 biggest a 9 and a 10 pounder fell to my own tied black beetle flies. Again, the afternoon into the evening seemed to be the most productive.