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Nice fishing after the rains

A welcome break in the weather today so I managed to get back to my lakes after being away for some time. With lots of rain of late it as been virtually unfishable anyway.  The wash of the off the Downs had clouded the water somewhat so decided to give the trout something highly visible.  I tied on a bright blob to get attention followed by a flashy wooly bugger. The hi-viz team worked almost straight away and landed a nice brown.  Within a couple of hours, 2 more larger browns and a really hard fighting blue trout came to the net.



Nice Blue Trout

Turned up at the lakes this afternoon and began to tackle up only to discover I had brought along 3 spools of fly line but no reel. So, began to pack the bag and go home when a fellow member (Kev) suddenly showed and happened to have spare reel and line and saved the day. He said he’d already had several fish and what flies were working. After losing a couple lightly hooked fish the line tightened up proper and I was into this lovely blue trout which weighed in at 5.5lbs.  Then fished on and landed a couple more nice rainbows. So from a disastrous start it turned into an amazing couple of hours fishing.


Rain Rain Rain

I hope the bass fishing is not over yet. Vast amounts of land water run off still running down stream today like dark chocolate.  Alas, settled weather is forecast this week and we could see fish taking shelter and feeding over the mussel beds up stream in the Shoreham town stretch. This week should see the Adur clearing and hopefully see a late run of  fish and enjoy some  great Autumn fishing

Tight Lines Howie

Fly fishing Bavaria trip 2019

20190910_101338Soooo happy 20190912_151739to be invited and say yes to this trip. I’ve been lucky to fish some amazing locations in my life. Some by luck, some researched and this one by invitation. A hosted 7 days fishing trip with two guys from different walks of life. Being anglers we instantly got on but you never know how it’s gonna go? As my host Julian said “good things happen when you say yes” Thanks guys 20190912_17512920190911_11572220190910_17473220190909_18180420190910_14280520190910_175617

A cracking bag of Duncton Mill rainbows

I was lucky to be the first angler on the water at Duncton Mill Fishery this morning. Being mid summer and water temperatures rising I decided to try Birch lake. Being very deep it tends to fish  well through the summer months. I tackled up with a fast sink line with weighted a black and white wooly bugger fly. First cast I was into a good fish which took the fly about 6-8ft down in the water but lost it at the net. The next cast and another hit the fly and got away. I checked the hook and saw it was barbless so that’s why they were shaking the hook and getting away. I persevered with the fly only this time when a fish took I really kept the pressure on so the hook did not slip out and landed my first fish. It was not long before I had 2 more hard fighting rainbows to the net. The total weight was 11 and a half pound for 3 fish. What lovely condition too. If you ever get the chance, Duncton Mill is a fabulous fishery with another 3 lakes to explore. Also a comfortable lodge with hot coffee and cake on the go. Check before going as this is a club water and not always open to none members.