Season River Fishing

Fishing the Adur river

  • Bass and Mullet Season on the Adur: The Bass and Mullet season on the Adur runs from mid April till late October. The season is kick started as the water temperatures begin to rise. The fish then start to leave depths of the sea and venture into the estuary either to breed or forage for alternative food. Then as temperatures drop in the autumn the fish then return back to the sea. One can then fish the winter months for Sea trout, providing you hold an EA migratory fish licence.
  • Trout Season:  Fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout can be had all year round.
    Although some fisheries close during the winter months, great sport can be had from a number of lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the area. This can be done either by boat or bank fishing tactics. Please note, you must hold an EA rod license.
  • Licenses: Can be obtained at your local post office or online at the website of the