Fly Fishing Sussex with Howard Dodsley

The day I caught my first fish, I was just about three years of age, but certainly it was the day that my passion for angling and love of nature began to develop. For this I have my dear father, Harry Dodsley to thank, since I may have otherwise taken another path without ever knowing so much joy and pleasure being in and observing nature and fishing.

I would love to share this passion with you. I have literally made it my business to encourage and support those of all ages with an interest in fly fishing. With only a few hours coaching and tuition you can learn the basics about tackle, casting techniques, choosing flies and tactics to suit different waters and conditions.

I am very lucky to live right here on the banks of the River Adur estuary at Shoreham-by-Sea. I can supply all tackle on the day to get you started, so there are no initial equipment or licences fees, although if you have your own gear then, please bring it along and let’s try it out.
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Tight lines. Howie.

 reprise the passion, fly fishing in Sussex.
I moved to Sussex in the seventies and met a bunch of guys that on one balmy, summer evening late June they invited me join them on a fly-fishing trip to Barcombe Reservoir (now sadly closed)
At first nothing much was happening out on the water, but as the sun went down and the light began to fade, the flies began their evening hatch, and the Rainbow Trout responded by greedily sipping in buzzer flies (midges)
This was something else! I watched as lines were set with 2, 3 or 4 flies and cast to the evening rise of trout. An hour later it was too dark to fish and the action was over as quick as it started.
We headed back to weigh in our catch then stopped for a pint on the way home in exchange for a few fish.
I was hooked again! I bought myself some fly fishing tackle and the lads taught me how to cast a line.
Since then I have had the good fortune to have fished for Salmon, Brown Trout, and Sea Trout on the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. I have also fished in France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal and the jungles of Thailand. The River Cauvery in South India was a fantastic experience fishing for Golden and Blue fin Mahseer, Rohu and Snake Head. Lately I have been targeting Trevally, Snapper and Barramundi off the coasts of Goa
On the banks of the Adur estuary at Shoreham By Sea, I am privileged to enjoy flyfishing this surprisingly diverse river and local coast. When water temperatures start to rise, normally from late April onwards until to the end of October; the Bass, Grey Mullet, the odd Shad, Mackerel and Sea Trout enter the river system to breed or feed on crustaceans, worms or bait-fish. This can offers fantastic sport on the fly. I enjoy tying my own flies I am a member of the Sussex Fly Dressers Guild and OART Ouse and River Adur Trust, please refer to the official FlyFishingSussex Links page.