Thank you Goa

Just got back from India,well Goa actually. This trip I discovered a lovely estuary at the mouth of the river Talapona to the south of the state. After trying with a fly for some time with out a nip or a follow I noticed some action on the opposite bank. Bait fish were busting the surface all over the place. The action was out of reach with my fly and was all going on under the overhanging trees. Luckily I had my spinning rod and a few shad lures and asked a nearby boat man to take me across for a few ruppees. I scrambled over the rocks until I reached the the spot where I saw the action. The first cast I was hit when just as I was lifted the lure to the surface. After a heck of a scrap I landed a black 2lb snapper. After a few more casts I was hit again. This time it was a red snapper same size. Then a smaller fish but none the less feisty. A few more cast and I was fighting again with a good fish which alas I never saw which ran my line around a rock got away. 

This was one didn’t and went down nicely just plain pan fried with cold Kingfisher beer.



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