Exciting news for 2018 learners

I am extremely lucky to have just been given access to two small, secluded trout lakes in Sussex stocked with quality rainbow trout. Where I can offer guided sessions to the novice, learner or improver at very reasonable rates. I will be putting a new package together soon on the main site booking page. Meanwhile please get in touch if interested. howie@flyfishingsussex.com

Tight Lines Howie


Too cold to go fishing?

Fed up with trying to light that old hand warmer? My partner bought me one of these. And so far, I love it .ūüĎ欆 ¬†Great gadget charger too


When a brownie takes the fly

I spotted a rising fish earlier in the evening but managed only to spook it with a lure fly. I let it rest for a hour or so then returned to find it feeding again. I tied on a hopper and gave a couple of twitches and it hit the fly. Luckily I  got this shot too. Shortly after I landed a nice brownie of about 2lbs.


GOPR0293 Brownie on dry

An early start at Duncton Mill

An early morning start paid off for myself and fishing buddy Glen South. This time of year certainly pays to start early or late. For us we were fishing by 7am. It took a short while to find the fish and the right fly. We started getting takes at 20 feet down on BF Damsel nymphs. Then as the sun came up and the damsel nymphs started hatching. The trout also moved up to feed so we concentrated on fishing the margins. By 11.30 am we had a bag of 5 fish each and off to the weighing room. Just in time for a well earned beer on the way home. Perfect Sunday morning at a superb venue.20170723_11403820170723_09572420170723_110044