A May day on the Test at Broadlands

The best from Broadlands river Test yesterday. Small mayfly hatch later in the day. Needs to warm up a bit. Otherwise steadily catching grayling and trout throughout the day. Should be on fire next week. Great company with (The Baron) David Peach.



Great catch for novice Steve

After a 3 hour casting and fly fishing basics lesson we visit Chalk Springs fishery. On arrival there are fish rising everywhere to hatching flies. We set up one rod with a small Damsel  and the other with a Sedge. It was not long before we are into a fish of around 4 lbs. Then we take another 2 off the surface with the Sedge. One well exceeding  4lb.  A break for lunch and back on the water to take 2 more good fish.   Well done Steve.


Client feedback

Hello Howard,
Thank you for your time on Saturday.
I really enjoyed the lesson.  I think I learned a lot in the time we had – helped by your calm,clear instruction.
I cannot wait to get out on the lake and try out my new skills. I think I’ve got the bug –  I’m heading down to Hove tackle shop tomorrow evening to get myself kitted out.
Thanks again,  Steve