A May day on the Test at Broadlands

The best from Broadlands river Test yesterday. Small mayfly hatch later in the day. Needs to warm up a bit. Otherwise steadily catching grayling and trout throughout the day. Should be on fire next week. Great company with (The Baron) David Peach.



Booby Hoppers get the thumbs up

This Rainbow took a Booby Hopper fly. Then stripped me down to the backing 3 times with blistering runs across the lake. A very healthy specimen at 6.5lbs landed and returned. I purchased the flies from eBay and now I can copy and make myself.

Booby Hoppers20170503_183600

Great catch for novice Steve

After a 3 hour casting and fly fishing basics lesson we visit Chalk Springs fishery. On arrival there are fish rising everywhere to hatching flies. We set up one rod with a small Damsel  and the other with a Sedge. It was not long before we are into a fish of around 4 lbs. Then we take another 2 off the surface with the Sedge. One well exceeding  4lb.  A break for lunch and back on the water to take 2 more good fish.   Well done Steve.


Client feedback

Hello Howard,
Thank you for your time on Saturday.
I really enjoyed the lesson.  I think I learned a lot in the time we had – helped by your calm,clear instruction.
I cannot wait to get out on the lake and try out my new skills. I think I’ve got the bug –  I’m heading down to Hove tackle shop tomorrow evening to get myself kitted out.
Thanks again,  Steve