Carp On the fly Jenny’s Lake

Another day out with the Fly Dressers Guild (Sussex Branch) This time at Jenny’s lake, Newdigate. It was a fine day and most anglers seemed to kick off the day with a fish almost straight away. Then the carp seemed to wise up to our biscuit flies and things went quiet until after lunch when they came on the feed again. I had to leave at 4.30 but managed 5 fish for the day and glad to say the 2 biggest a 9 and a 10 pounder fell to my own tied black beetle flies. Again, the afternoon into the evening seemed to be the most productive.

First bass of 2012

Hoorah, a bass at last. Snuck off work for an hour at lunch time and landed this 1lb fish under the Norfolk Bridge. Pluss had numerous takes but didn’t connect. The river is nunning nice and clear now so let’s hope the weather and fishing stays settled.

Tight lines Howie

Mullet on the fly

And yet another tonight. This one took a “polar fly” on the third cast of the evening. The fish took the fly, I struck and he was on. It then shot out of the river, up in the air and landed on the bank. I walked over to pick it up and it flipped its way back in the water and shot off. Luckily I was still holding the rod and managed to play it back to the net after about 5 mins and here is the very fish.  You just never know what is going to happen when you hook a Grey Mullet but a scrap is almost certainly on the cards.

A nice three pounder