Mullet on the fly

A lovely warm, calm evening.  A short tide and a nice bright, half moon. Perfect conditions to fly-fish for Mullet. There are snaking chanels here that have been cut into the mud by years off water run off. The fish seem to like here. Maybe there is more food to be     had?

By wading as opposed to standing high on a bank you can get much closer to the fish.  Mullet don’t like a fly line dropping over them and so I use a 12′ tapered leader with  a 3′ tippet so as to keep the fly line well away. I tried my home tied fresh water shrimp patterns and got takes strait away. I lost several fish before taking this Golden Mullet of about 2lb. There where shoals of 1 oz mullet fry around too. A good sign of how they are thriving here.   Tight lines  Howie

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