Back on the Adur 2012

Just as the new salt water fly fishing season begins the temperatures drop and the heavens open. Although we desperately need the rain we could well do without the cold. Even if there was a bass or two entering the estuary the rains and high winds of late have made the Adur so turbid you would have to drop the fly within inches of a bass to stand a chance of a take. I just had to wet a line though today and check out the river so I spent a lovely hour or so (in between showers) below the Norfolk Bridge practicing casting and going through the motions in readiness for the season ahead. Having said that, It looks like the bass season is going to be starting late on the Adur this year as more rain is forecast well into next week but hey, I’ll just have to dig out my trout tackle and flies instead. I will keep an eye on river and conditions and will blog again as soon as things change for the better.

Tight lines Howie

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