Big Bass bent hook ( the one that got away story)

Whilst waiting for two clients for a fly fishing lesson I cast a fly on the Adur just before low tide and took one bass 2.5lbs then got hit by a monster which gave a hell of a fight then decided to head up river towards me. Running backwards and winding like crazy the fish came very close to the bank. I’d fitted a new 17lb leader and knew my knots were good so felt pretty confident about winning the fight. Then the fish thrashed madly and the fly came out and he she was away. I checked my fly and saw that the hook had straightened. I’m sure it could have been a double figure fish but I’d tied a test batch of clousers on off set hooks . I’m pretty sure this proved to be the problem and the off set was a weakness?? Anyway here’s the one I caught and the destroyed fly. “Tight lines n tuff hooks” Howie

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