Carp on the fly

Yesterday I joined my club (Fly Dressers Guild) for a day out on Passie’s Pond lakes fly fishing for carp. This was a first for me and my mate Paul we were really not sure what to expect. Armed with 8# fly tackle, dog biscuits and flies to match we set off onto Passie’s match lake which we had booked for the day. We picked our casting platforms and and fired out a few biscuits out to the far bank and watched and waited. After a few minutes fish began showing and taking in the floating bait. I cast out to the cruising fish but they hoovered up the bait and refused my fly. I’d greased my fly and noticed it was riding much higher in the water than the biscuits but after a clean it began to sit down in the water film. Then I started to get takes but knowing when to strike and setting the hook was the next problem. Then I connected with a fish and battled for five minute or so and landed a common carp about 5lbs. Even with an 8lb leader you can’t bully these hard fighting fish. I finished the morning with 3 fish and Paul with 4 fish to about 7lbs. We all stopped for lunch over fishy tales, fish lost and discussed tactics but everyone had caught. Being a large water to fish we set off away from the others and tried our luck where no one seemed to fish for some reason. Before long we were both into bigger and harder fighting fish and landed another 8 carp of varied species but all in lovely condition. My heaviest went off my weighing scales which only went to 14lbs and Paul’s heaviest fish the same. I did hook a larger fish which after about a 20 minute battle it ran under the staging I was standing on and my rod broke trying to stop it. With no rod that was the end of the day but what a day. We have another day booked for August and can’t wait. This carp on the fly game is really a heart stopping and rod bending action of a day.

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