Fly fishing Goa

Good to be back in Goa again. I meet a new fishing buddy Nigel also from the UK the other day who very kindly took me to one of his fishing marks. We set off 6.30 am next morning so as to reach this mark on the rising tide. As you can see this is very rocky shore line. I soon discovered the sea swells run 15 to 20ft up the rocks which washes off crabs and anglers if ones not careful . Casting into these swells takes a lot of care when you only have one set of fly lines which can easily get snagged,sucked into rocks or get slashed on shells which cling to them. However this where the predators lie in wait for the crabs as I soon discovered when hooking and landing a nice Red Snapper and losing 2 more fish. Nigel loves his lure fishing and landed a yellow fin Travally. Which got released.Image Imageand also lost a couple of fish. The morning before he told and showed me pictures of a 6+kg Barramudi and 2.8 kg snapper which he landed. 



3 thoughts on “Fly fishing Goa

  1. great pictures. where is spot please. I am a saltwater fly fisher in USA and often visit Goa

    1. Hi, I have not fly fished this area for some time. I have found lure fishing to be more productive as fishing from the rocks can be tricky with a fly rod. I fish around the Canacona area. This last visit proved good fishing can be had by renting a kayak from the top/north end of Palolem Beach and fishing around the rock of Monkey Island. Having said that fly fishing from the kayak could be good? Otherwise go off any peninsular and carry both outfits.

  2. Can you please tell me where is this spot. I fly fish on the beach in USA. Also visit GOA n would love to fly fish there on my next trip 👍

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