5lb Indian Red Snapper

5lb SnapperI’ve been doing quite well with the fishing in Goa this season but I think I have lost as many fish as I have landed. This is because the sheer power and cunning of the mainly Red Snapper. I am new to lure fishing and try to fish the fly whenever I can. I had been using 12lb Maxima Chameleon for spinning which is a very nice line to use but these powerful fish head straight for the rocks which are covered with razor sharp shells and then it’s game over. Also to pull too hard in retaliation is another recipe for disaster. I have also had lure to line linkages straightened out too. I had to rethink my tactics and tackle and invested in some good spinning braid with stronger lure linkage which luckily are available here. 2 days ago I was rewarded with this beautiful specimen. Check out the the size of the size of the tail fin.

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