Another great day at beautiful Arlington 22.05.2014

Visited Arlington reservoir again yesterday.This time with boat partner and novice Jim Lockhart who is just coming into fly fishing. After a very blustery morning with waves coming over the bow we struggled to connect with fish using teams of buzzer and nymphs patterns. Except for Jim losing his potentially first ever trout as we struggled to get the landing net erected. Lesson to be learned there. After lunch the wind dropped and we ventured out again this time with fast sinking lines and searched the depths with black and green Zonkers. Normally a autumn fly I know but it worked and we bagged  5 trout. Then the weather really calmed for the evening  and the fish stopped taking so we changed the Zonkers to white colour which produced another 5 fish. I can’t tell you how many fish we lost to trout just grabbing or playing with the fly’s tail. I shall now be tying a set of flies to try and combat this occurrence by putting the hook in the tail. Here is a photo of Jim and his first trout and the fabulous scenery to take in when the fish aren’t biting.





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