Positive client feedback (Thanks Clive)

Hi Howie,

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I learnt a lot. Thanks for the links, I’m convinced that the knot you tied for the Clouser contributed a lot towards catching those Schoolies – I’ll try and perfect that and give it a go next week when I’m on the Towi fishing for Sea Trout. I hope that your Aberystwyth trip goes well, the river that I was trying to remember was the Rheidol and you can get access to it through the local angling club, the following link should give you an idea of their waters, including the Ystwyth as well as the Rheidol : http://www.aber-angling.co.uk/index.php?f=data_permits&a=1 a lot depends on rainfall though.
I hope to give those marks that you pointed out a go and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you when I go there to say hello. I’ll try a few different flies for the Mullet and when I get one I’ll let you know. In the meantime look after yourself and many thanks for a great afternoon.
All the best

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