Fly tying top tip

Here is a great bit of kit for fly tiers. A baked bean tin, soaked in warm water to get the label off. It then doubles up as a fly holder/hanger/drier and a little dust bin for the waste materials. Here shown with a selection of large bass flies for a client. It will also accommodate smaller flies down to size 16.

Tight lines Howie

2014-11-15 21.24.01 - Copy

5 thoughts on “Fly tying top tip

    1. It might be that time to start thinking about equiping myself with some nice sandeel flies for the coming year, what do you think?

  1. My name is Paul Stephen and these flies were made by Howard for me, they are absolutely first class very professionally made I have purchased flies for bass on the Internet but they are way short on the quality of these, I used this type of fly when I had a fishing lesson from Howard and they looked fantastic in the water can’t wait for the spring

  2. Hi Martin, if you want flies I can supply no probs. Just let me know if you want a selection of different colours and sizes. I can’t make them for a while but it is still very early season. Howie

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