I love my Job (Client feedback)

“Today was brilliant. You didn’t do anything wrong or unexpected. We both really enjoyed it. I’ve even mentioned it on Facebook and put a link to your page.
Thanks for the info. Will take a look tomorrow. Thanks for this.
I’m sure we’ll be back for more advice in near future.
Kind regards,
Chris Drewett”

Introducing new anglers to the art of fly fishing is a great job to have, especially when you get positive feedback. It is amazing what is possible to learn in just 3 hours tuition. Absolute novice, Christian Drewett purchased a  beginners, session gift voucher for his father Brian but decided to joined in as well.  At the end he was casting nice tight loops and laying out 20 meters of fly line. Well done guys and tight lines.

20150929_125401(0)  20150929_125401(0)

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