Dragonflies/nymphs and the pattern

20151014_141138    20151014_144730

A story to one of my trout lakes recently. To say the least it was bloody hard going. Nothing much rising and not one hook up by lunchtime. So me and my buddy Dave Peach trudged back to the car for lunch and a nip of brandy (purely medicinal on a cold day you see) We concluded that the only real fly hatch that morning were Dragon flies and midges. The later which fed on us.  I had one fly in my box which was something like the one in the picture which was about 1.75 inch long. It can be tied up to 2.5 inch. The first cast resulted in a hard slam as the fly dropped through the water. In the next hour or so I had landed 4 clonking browns and one rainbow that tore off fly down to backing. Also lost several more fish before it all went quiet again.  Dragonflies can hatch all through the year on any water so I suggest carrying  a few nymph patterns in green and brown colours. The pattern I tie is scruffy but shapes up when wet. It needs to be bulky in the body to simulate the natural nymph so tying off the marabou near the end of the tail does the job. Watch out for savage takes so step the leader strength.

Howie’s Dragonfly Nymph

Hook:  Medium size 10 Kamasan B170  or same

Thread: as body colour

Eyes:  I like glass beads or black plug chain.

Body and tail: lots of marabou with felt tip painted stripes

Legs: Rubber Silli Legs, knotted

Wing case: Pheasant tail fibers. Varnished

Tight Lines. Howie

dragonfly nymph    20151031_105214

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