Magic Buzzers

My first day back on the club waters after my trip to India.  I took the afternoon off yesterday and went to my local club fishery with fishing buddy Dave Peach. Prior to that I heard that fish had been taken on buzzers so I tied up a selection of black black and green patterns. From the first cast I started getting takes from fish in 10 to 12 feet of water but failed to connect until I found my timing. Then I  hooked a fish which tore off and leaped out of the lake twice and tore off fly line down to the backing.  After a long scrap I landed a a cracking 5.5lb rainbow followed by several good size fish including a nice Char. These two fish I returned but took two smaller fish for the table. After cleaning the fish I inspected the stomach contents and found they had been feasting on large black buzzers. Just goes to show that buzzers are on the menu throughout the year.  Top Tip: When fishing in deep water try fishing a team of 3 buzzers tied at 4 foot intervals, let them sink to the bottom then use a sink and draw retrieval so the flies rise and fall through the layers. Keep in touch with the flies so as to be ready for the slightest take. As they say “Tight Lines”




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