Epoxy buzzers work wonders

Skived off for a couple hours trouting yesterday morning. Arrived at the fishery to find I had the place to myself. LOVE IT!    Anyway, walked down to the water as the sun was just starting to warm nature up.  Which brought on  a hatch of big black midges. So on went a team of big buzzers. Hopefully the right size and colour?  After a few casts I started to get pulls but not really taking confidently. I wondered, maybe the buzzers were to big?  I swapped the point fly for a size smaller and carried on fishing. Bang! a hard take and the fish was on and I soon netted a small but perfect rainbow. A few casts later, another positive take and this time the fish tore off across the lake several times. After some careful playing and adjustment of the drag on the reel the fish came to the net, then jumped out and tore off again. OMG!  It eventually gave up and I landed this lovely 4lb rainbow.

Love buzzer fishing 🙂



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