A cracking bag of Duncton Mill rainbows

I was lucky to be the first angler on the water at Duncton Mill Fishery this morning. Being mid summer and water temperatures rising I decided to try Birch lake. Being very deep it tends to fish  well through the summer months. I tackled up with a fast sink line with weighted a black and white wooly bugger fly. First cast I was into a good fish which took the fly about 6-8ft down in the water but lost it at the net. The next cast and another hit the fly and got away. I checked the hook and saw it was barbless so that’s why they were shaking the hook and getting away. I persevered with the fly only this time when a fish took I really kept the pressure on so the hook did not slip out and landed my first fish. It was not long before I had 2 more hard fighting rainbows to the net. The total weight was 11 and a half pound for 3 fish. What lovely condition too. If you ever get the chance, Duncton Mill is a fabulous fishery with another 3 lakes to explore. Also a comfortable lodge with hot coffee and cake on the go. Check before going as this is a club water and not always open to none members. http://www.dunctonmillfishery.co.uk/


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