Winter Pike on the fly

What with the Covid restrictions, it’s not looking like I’ll be escaping to warmer climes this winter. So ( plan B ) I just joined one of my local course fishing clubs.  Mainly to open up my wild fishing opportunities and explore some different waters of Sussex.    On expedition 3 – out walking another stretch of my local river took me to a overgrown and challenging section of the upper Adur.  Firstly, I walked the whole stretch as a reccie then dropped in for a cast wherever I could get in.  After a few hours of no bites,  follows or fish movement,  I scrambled down a steep bank to make a final (hero’s) cast downstream to a likely lie.  I mended the line and on my first strip back of the fly all hell broke loose and an almighty scrap began on a piece of river maybe 2m wide.  After heart stopping jumps, powerful runs (this is the fish by the way not me)  a beautiful 14lb pike slid into my net. Took ages for me to stop shaking after an encounter I’ll never forget.  The fly I used was a Flashtail Whistler tied onto about 2m of 25lb fluorocarbon leader and a clear intermediate fly line on my #8 saltwater rod. I find this setup not only stealthy but easier to turnover large, heavy flies. You can find tying instructions on YouTube. Great looking fly and nice to tie. Make it as big as you are able to throw.

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