Another fly fisherman in the making

Thanks for the photos Howard. The lesson was great fun. Many thanks. The river session was excellent – tricky but it gave me good experience of a few different techniques. Now to practice a bit before I book another one.


Complete novice Ian Hamilton getting to grips with the roll cast on his first lesson.

Ian 2


Rod bending action on Buzzers

Arriving at my local lake yesterday I noticed a good hatch of midges coming off the water. So put together a leader comprising of 2 black buzzers suspended under a large buoyant dry fly. All spaced 4ft apart so I am fishing¬† with 12ft leader. It wasn’t long before I got a take and after a great scrap, landed a good sized brownie. Just over 2 hours later I had landed a total of 2 browns and 4 rainbows and easily lost as many fish. The takes came on both buzzers and the last fish took the dry fly which I kept for dinner. Absolute magic and lucky timing.





Exciting news for 2018 learners

I am extremely lucky to have just been given access to two small, secluded trout lakes in Sussex stocked with quality rainbow trout. Where I can offer guided sessions to the novice, learner or improver at very reasonable rates. I will be putting a new package together soon on the main site booking page. Meanwhile please get in touch if interested.

Tight Lines Howie